Kabul (IP): The Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan said given the extensive relations between the two countries, and the natural, geographical, historical, and civilizational ties between Iran and Afghanistan, the more cohesion, development, and security on both sides of the border, the better for both countries.

Iran Press/Asia: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on the sidelines of the opening of the Iran specialized exhibition in Kabul, Bahador Aminian stated that Iran has had good economic relations with Afghanistan over the past years, and in the new phase, it seeks to increase these relations with technological connections and engineering services.

He added that the Kabul Exhibition is the first exhibition in the field of engineering, urban services, and energy. 

The Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan stressed that given Iran's indigenous and good experience in the field of technology, especially knowledge-based companies, as well as the young and growing generation in Afghanistan, one of the most important and quick ways to solve Afghanistan's problems is to use Iranian knowledge-based company's experience. 

Aminian said that Iran which is one of Afghanistan's main partners with the most exports to Afghanistan has a big role in the Afghan market. 

Referring to the goods sent to Afghanistan from various countries through Chabahar and also goods that Iran sends to Central Asian countries through Afghanistan, Iran's ambassador said that in the field of transit, Afghanistan is a bridge and this is a good opportunity to expand cooperation between the two countries.


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