The film ‘Vilaieha’ was translated into Japanese and subtitled by the Cultural Attache's Office of the Iranian Embassy in Japan on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the eight-year imposed war of the Iraqi Ba'athist regime against Iran.

Iran PressAsia: Cultural Attache's Office of the Iranian Embassy in Japan translated and subtitled the film so that it could be played for the Japanese enthusiasts on different occasions.

The Iranian cultural body’s aim was to introduce the Iranian cinema to the Japanese and develop the cultural interactions between the two countries.

Translated into Japanese so far are The Bodyguard, Sweet Taste of Imagination, The Painting Pool, The Crazy Rook, So Close So Far, Mothering, Azar, as well as 18 Percent and The last Supper documentaries, which have prepared good cultural grounds and provided the Persian learners in Japan with sources. 

Iranian Cultural Counselor in Japan has held three film weeks in Tokyo since 2018. The third of which in 2020 has shown ‘Vilaieha’ film in Japanese subtitles, which was warmly welcomed.

The film was directed by Monir Gheidi, written by Monir Gheidi and Arsalan Amiri, and produced by Saeed Malekan in 2016, on the Ba’athist regime’s war on Iran, with the film's scenes located in Andimeshk, southwest of Iran, and Tannaz Tabatabaee as its top actress.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Iran’s 8-Year Sacred Defense, Iran's Cultural Attache's Office in Japan plans to hold a specialized meeting with some Japanese thinkers in cyberspace and to screen the film 'Vilaieha' virtually for the Japanese enthusiasts.


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Iran Vilaieha subtitled in Japanese
Iran’s Vilaieha subtitled in Japanese
Iran Vilaieha subtitled in Japanese
Iran Vilaieha subtitled in Japanese