Former Tunisian Foreign Minister and Director of the Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies said that the Arab countries are afraid of Arab revolutions and try to suppress these revolutions.

Iran Press/Africa: Rafik Abdessalem on Saturday evening during a meeting to review the issue of normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime in the presence of Muslim university professors in Tehran stated that with the political systems created by the Arab countries, the Arab revolutions cannot succeed, and this is the reason for the Arab national security debate.

The UAE claimed to have gained points in exchange for peace with Israel which is a lie, he stated.

Abdul Salam noted that Islamic countries must unite against the normalization of Arab countries' relations with Israel in order to liberate Palestine.

The foreign policy of Iran and Tunisia is coordinated in support of Palestine, and both countries support Palestine, and this coordination is important between all Islamic countries, he added. 

Abdul Salam concluded that the Islamic countries must strengthen themselves against the arrogance and support Palestinian people.

The UAE agreed last month to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel in a US-brokered deal, making it the third Arab country to do so.

The agreement was denounced by Palestinians as "a stab in the back", and sparked widespread protests.

Many Palestinians see the deal as a betrayal, breaking a consensus that normalization with Israel is permissible only after the Palestinian issue has been resolved.


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