Amnesty International:

In response to the agreement to normalize relations between Bahrain and the Zionist regime, Amnesty International emphasized that the agreement would never change Israel's role as an occupying regime.

Iran Press/Europe: Amnesty International reacted to the agreement to normalize relations between Bahrain and the Zionist regime.

"Any process aimed at achieving a just and comprehensive peace on the Israeli-Palestinian issue must include the dismantling of illegal Israeli settlements," the organization wrote on its twitter.

Amnesty International added that the peace process should also end organized human rights abuses and include the implementation of justice and compensation for victims of crimes under international law.

 Amnesty International also wrote: "No diplomatic agreement can change Israel's legal duties as an occupying regime under international law and human rights, or deprive Palestinians of their rights or the protection provided by international law."

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday (yesterday) that Bahrain will join the UAE to normalize relations with the Zionist regime.

The news of the normalization of relations between Bahrain and the Zionist regime comes a few days after the Palestinian request the Arab League to oppose the normalization of the UAE with the Zionist regime was rejected due to the Bahraini protest.

Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv reached an agreement on the full normalization of diplomatic relations on Thursday, August 13, following US President Donald Trump's efforts to facilitate the normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime.

Bahrain has announced that an agreement has been reached to normalize relations with Israel. It is the fourth Arab country, after Egypt, Jordan and the UAE, to normalize relations with the Israeli regime.

The move by Bahrain and the UAE to open relations with the Zionist regime has led to the condemnation of many Islamic countries and Palestinian resistance groups.


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