Portland, Oregon, the epicenter of recent demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism in the US, heads towards its 100th straight night of protests Saturday as police arrested 27 people after protesters marched through the streets.

Iran PressAmericaLaw enforcement declared an unlawful assembly Friday night and arrested 27 people after protesters marched through the streets of Portland on to a police building, where officers stood waiting outside. 

The demonstrations in Portland, which started in late May after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, are reaching 100 straight nights this weekend. 

On Friday, a few hundred demonstrators had met at Kenton Park before making their way to the Portland Police Association building, where police warned protesters to stay off the streets and private property. Those who refused could be subject to citation, arrest, the use of tear gas, crowd-control agents, or impact munitions, police said.

Months of protests have led to damaged buildings, injured police and protesters, and the arrests of hundreds.

The protests against police brutality and racial injustice began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis while police custody in late May. They picked up steam after Wisconsin police shot Jacob Blake. Then last Saturday night, amid the clash between protesters and Trump supporters, came the fatal shooting of Aaron Danielson.

The right-wing group Patriot Prayer publicly mourned his death.


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