Hamas Political Chief Ismail Haniyeh says the Palestinian cause is going through a critical phase due to several dangers, adding that with unity and resistance the Palestinians can overcome the challenges.

Iran PressMiddle East: During his speech at the meeting of the Secretaries-General of the Palestinian factions in Ramallah and Beirut on Thursday evening, Haniyeh said that these dangers aim at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

There are also attempts to establish a regional alliance that would enable Israel to infiltrate into the Arab region, the Hamas political chief warned, The Palestinian Information Center reported.

He pointed out that such serious attempts envisage turning Israel into a friendly neighbor and ally while labeling the Palestinian resistance and factions as enemies.

Haniyeh proposed a 3-step plan to overcome this dangerous phase.

The first step is restoring national unity by ending the Palestinian division and building a unified Palestinian position because it is the main pillar in confronting the Israeli occupation’s projects.

This step requires agreement on a unified political program that ends the relationship with Oslo and opens up a new Palestinian era, he said, adding that it also requires agreement on rebuilding, developing, and activating the Palestine Liberation Organization so that it includes all factions.

The second step is adopting resistance in all its forms and shapes, he said, adding that the third step is arranging our relations with our surroundings and working on building a solid bloc that will confront the plans of the Israeli occupation.

Regarding the mechanisms for implementing these steps, Haniyeh called for the formation of a committee to discuss the development of the resistance and resistance tools inside and outside the occupied homeland and lay down a comprehensive struggle strategy.

He also called for establishing a second committee to activate and develop the Palestine Liberation Organization to ensure the participation of all Palestinian factions and forces, and a third committee to resolve differences between Hamas and Fatah along the way to restore comprehensive national unity.

Haniyeh stressed that the work of those committees should be governed by a timetable, partnership, and reference.


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