Beijing will remain as leading trading partner of Tehran

Tehran (IP) - In a note entitled "China's New Development Model and Opportunities for the Global Economy", Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua noted the deep and lasting friendship between the two nations stressing Beijing continues to maintain its position as Tehran's first trading partner.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive note he stated: While we faced the invasion of coronavirus, development in China and the rest of the world has faced new conditions and entered a new era.

A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping made an important speech about China's economic development and open economic approach to the outside world

In his speech, he explicitly pointed out that China is creating a new model for the realization of economic development with the focus on China's domestic economic cycle and the interaction of domestic and foreign cycles in the economic field to achieve a new model of development; In this context, China, while raising the level of economic openness to the outside world, will create a new structure of free economy with a higher level than before.

Declaring of this important policy sends the message to the world that while facing coronavirus invasion and global economic downturn, the process of opening the gates of China's economy to the world has not been blocked, but these gates are becoming more and more open.

By deepening the domestic reform process, relying on lower tariffs, minimizing negative lists, creating more market access, enacting more clear market rules, and providing a more attractive business environment for China to establish.

The friendship between the people of China and Iran is deep and lasting, and our Iranian friends are also concerned about economic and social development in China, so I would like to make some points in this regard:

First, creating a new model of development by China has been an inevitable choice based on facts and history. The world today is experiencing great and unprecedented conditions and developments that the outbreak of the coronavirus has accelerated these changes and developments.

China attracted hundreds of thousands of global customers in June with Canton Fair virtual exhibition, showcasing about 1.8 million export products; In early September, China will host a trade services fair with more than 140 international organizations, foreign agencies located in China, and active business associations and institutions.

The new model of development in China will also provide wider opportunities for all countries in the world. In this way, China's gates to the outside world will not be closed, but it will be more and more open.

China is ready for positive interaction with countries, regions, and companies that are interested in cooperation, and by focusing on the domestic economic cycle and improving the capacity of domestic needs.

China is going to optimize the relationship between the domestic and the international markets, by using the capacities of both domestic and foreign markets and their resources, it will achieve more sustainable and continuous development, and naturally, through this process, it will make the global economy bigger than before, ready for the common profit for all.

China welcomes all countries, including Iran, for positive benefiting which has been created from a new round of opening and development in China.


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