Qazvin (IP)- Welcoming Vice President Mohammad Baqer Nobakht during his visit to Qazvin province to inaugurate development projects, the Swiss ambassador to Iran said that Switzerland is ready to invest in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Vice President who is also Head of Plan and Budget Organization on Monday visited the Nestlé factory, which has entered a new production phase.

During the visit, the Swiss Ambassador to Iran, Marcus Leitner greeted Mr. Nobakht at the factory, expressing the Swiss government's readiness to invest in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With the presence of the vice president, the production unit of rice and stew seasoning started to work in Nestle Company and a new unit was added to the production complex.

Products, including Nescafe, cappuccino, powdered milk, and Cerelac and Nesquik (cereal) were added to the factory.

The inauguration of several production units and the Haft Dareh of Nature Park project, inauguration of 2,000 housing units for the deprived as well as attending a meeting of the Planning and Resistance Economy Council are among the plans of the Vice President during his visit to Qazvin province.


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