The UAE National Security Adviser Tahnoun bin Zayed (R) and Israeli spy chief Yossi Cohen (L) PHOTO: By YouTube

The head of Israel's Mossad spy agency Yossi Cohen said that the agreement to normalize relations with the UAE does not include the sale of US F-35 fighter jets or any military contracts.

Iran PressMiddle East: The agreement said to include a secret clause that will allow UAE to procure advanced fighter jets for its airforce

Normalization of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates would allow the US to sell state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jets to the Gulf kingdom, the Ynet reported Tuesday.

According to the website, the arrangement comes as part of a secret clause in the deal that was brokered by the United States.

This is while Cohen said Israel has opposed the sale of US F-35 fighter jets to the UAE.

In an interview with a Hebrew-language TV channel, Cohen said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had not agreed to sign an arms deal with the UAE and that there were no secret clauses or implicit agreements between the UAE and the Israeli regime.