Brigadier General Amir Hatami and Admiral Hossein Khanzadi met on Thursday, August 20

Tehran (IP) - Referring to the presence of IR Navy alongside the IRGC Navy to counter any aggression, the Iranian defense minister said that the Iranian navy has established its position in protecting the country's waters.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iran's Minister of Defense Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Thursday in a meeting with Admiral Hossein Khanzadi,  Commander of the Navy, said: "Considering the importance of waterways in various areas of security, economy, and high traffic of merchant ships and tankers, securing waterways is an inevitable necessity." 

General Hatami added: "Today, the Iranian Navy can be present in all international waters by using advanced equipment and weapons in the field of naval warfare, and has upgraded its position and role to the level of a strategic force."

Admiral Khanzadi, Commander of the Navy, stated: "The Navy is trying to become stronger every day due to its experience and the cruel sanctions."

Admiral Khanzadi also appreciated the efforts and support of the Ministry of Defense for the modernization and optimization of marine systems.

The two commanders met on Thursday, August 20, a day before 'National Defense Industry Day'.

Friday Augst  21, has been nominated as  Defense Industry National  Day in Iran.


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