Tehran (IP)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that the government, with the cooperation of branches, can thwart the conspiracies of enemies.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed this evening at the 53rd session of the meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the three branches of power that overcoming the complex situation created by the outbreak of coronavirus and sanctions on the country requires the adoption of measures and policies that can improve the economic situation. 

Rouhani stated that today, in addition to sanctions and pressure, the enemies have sought to create despair, hopelessness, and discouragement about the future among the people. All officials should be careful in their words and behavior so that we can thwart the conspiracies of the enemies and spread hope and joy in the society.

The President said that the leaders of the three branches and other officials welcome the suggestions, criticisms, and solutions of all specialists, experts, and economic activists to improve the economic and living conditions of the people, noting that based on the experience of previous years, we can certainly overcome these problems by relying on the capabilities and capacities of the country and maintaining unity.


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