Following the deadly explosion, the city's hospitals are filled to the brim, and countries around the world are rushing to offer their assistance.

Iran Press/Europe:  Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations has announced that the first of its planes loaded with humanitarian aid for Beirut, intended to help local authorities cope with the aftermath of the 4 August blast, has lifted off and is en route to its destination. The ministry added that four more planes with aid will be sent within a day, with the total number of Russian specialists expected to arrive in Lebanon amounting to some 150 personnel, according to Sputnik.

The first cargo plane, an Il-76, is transporting a mobile hospital and a first response team. The third aircraft, a Sukhoi Superjet, will bring a team of psychologists and members of the "Centrospas" - a dedicated mobile emergency response team that focuses on finding and rescuing survivors in catastrophes and disasters of all kinds.

The fourth and fifth planes will also bring more of the ministry's personnel, emergency teams, and special equipment for managing the consequences of the explosion.


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