Tehran (IP) - Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Bagher Qalibaf in a telephone conversation with speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri announced Iran’s readiness to send humanitarian aid to Beirut.

Iran Press/Iran News: Expressing his condolences over the death of people in Beirut, Ghalibaf stated: "I am confident that the Lebanese people, with their resilient spirit, will pass through this crisis with patience."

He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by the Lebanese people and government during this crisis."

The speaker stressed the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to send humanitarian aid to Beirut.

The speaker of the Lebanese Parliament also thanked Ghalibaf for his encouraging support.

He stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a supporter of the Lebanese people during difficult times, including during the occupation of southern Lebanon by the Zionist Regime of Israel, and the Lebanese people and government will never forget it."

A massive explosion in the port of Beirut killed at least 70 people and injured nearly 4000 others.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab Tuesday called on "friendly countries" to support the country already reeling from its worst economic crisis in decades as well as the coronavirus pandemic.


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