The Chinese government has criticized US actions against Chinese software companies.

Iran Press/Asia: Beijing opposes US discriminatory policies against Chinese software companies, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told at a news conference on Monday.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the United States to refrain from accusing Chinese companies of any political motives.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry official's remarks were in response to allegations made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday.

In the near future, US President Donald Trump will take action against Chinese software companies that transmit information directly to the Beijing government and pose a threat to US national security.

Rising tariffs and trade wars, sanctions against major Chinese companies including Huawei, interference in the internal affairs of Taiwan and Hong Kong, the widespread presence of US ships in the South China Sea and rhetoric against Beijing over the Coronavirus are among the White House's latest efforts which are in line with the strategy of increasing pressure on China.


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