Tehran (IP)- Iran's President on Sunday called the collapse of the country, the main purpose of the enemy in the economic war that has failed to achieve.

Iran Press/Iran News: Addressing the meeting of the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters, Hassan Rouhani explained the objectives of the enemy's economic war, the main axis of which the collapse of Iran, saying that the enemy planned on people's trouble even in meeting their basic needs by imposing sanctions and pressure on them.

Rouhani stressed the enemy's failure in achieving its goal in this regard, adding: "Today, after more than two years since the sanctions were re-imposed, the Iranian government has managed to be successful not only in providing basic and essential goods to society but also in providing raw materials for the production of goods, while even accelerating the growth and surge in production."

Rouhani also stressed the supply of goods at a reasonable price is one of the main plans of the government along with the surge in production, adding: "Transparency in the process of determining the price of goods should be clarified by modifying the production route, distribution, and definition of processes in this chain."

Emphasizing that the public sector should be at the forefront of confronting inflation, the President said: "The commodity exchange should be strengthened and bring the prices of the country's manufactured goods to a reasonable level by the transparency of supply and demand and the exclusion of speculative operations."

Rouhani said that the increase in prices for goods produced in the public and non-governmental sectors is not acceptable at all, stating that the public sector should be in the forefront in controlling prices by defining the process of determining prices and dealing with inflation so that we can decrease the economic pressure on the people during the economic war and the hard days created by the coronavirus outbreak.

Appreciating the economic activists along with the government's policies and programs in this field, the President said: "In special economic conditions that are not comparable to any other time in the history of the country, the government, with effective and diligent cooperation of reputable entrepreneurs, producers, and exporters, has operated the economy without oil and managed the country's economy in these difficult conditions."

The President also emphasized the implementation of foreign exchange policies based on the new directive on how to return foreign exchange to the economic cycle.

Referring to the continuing economic pressure of the enemy, Rouhani said: "The government is determined, despite all the pressure, to implement a regular program to meet the foreign exchange needs of basic goods and raw materials and intermediates of production units and create the necessary balance in the foreign exchange market."


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