Tehran (IP) - Iranian President underlined that in these two years and several months of fighting the sanctions and five months of fighting the Coronavirus, the Iranian nation has shown that they have enough strength and power to face and resist the pressures and will never give in.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Saturday morning at the session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, Hassan Rouhani stated: "The Iranian nation has been facing the dangerous Coronavirus for more than five months and the country has entered the sixth month. If there are 10 more pressures which tend to divert people from the right path, people will make every big problem easy with cooperation."

Rouhani added that it's been more than two years and two months that the nation has been dealing with severe US sanctions and the country has entered the second year and the third month.  

Stressing that very difficult months and years have passed for our dear and noble nation, the Iranian President added: "People have experienced economic problems during these years. There have also been debates about the health and well-being of the people, and social distancing creates social and emotional problems that people have to endure."

Emphasizing that we need two important elements, Rouhani reiterated: "The first element is hope for the future. Despair must disappear. If despair pervades society, there will be no success, so we must always eye on the future for the solutions, and we know that sooner or later, the future is right. Another element is proper tact, accounting, and planning to overcome problems and difficulties.

The President said that today the medical staff, on the one hand, and the production staff the distribution, transportation and cargo shipment staff, cultural staff, etc., on the other hand, all joined hands, noting: "If it were not for one of these staff, we could not go forward. If there were no production staff and we intended to buy masks, medical equipment, and medicine from abroad, first and foremost, they would not sell it to us, and last but not least, in addition to unwarranted promises, it would not be clear after how long and at what price, they would give it to us."

Rouhani said that all the cadres who should be on the scene have taken on their special and heavy responsibilities, noting: "Despite sanctions and high prices, we do not see such acute and critical problems, and the government is helping as much as possible. We have done everything that comes to our mind, our ministers, and other forces' minds."

Rouhani said: "This year, using masks and observing physical distancing by mourners, and not gathering in a place is a part of the gloriousness of Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) mourning ritual."

The high ranking official stressed that the mourning ceremony should be held in a way that it not only does not give a pretext to the enemies but also makes Iran a model for other countries and Shias who hold Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) mourning ceremony.  207

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