Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about Natanz's incident said that the Zionist regime is presenting itself in whatever happens, but it is too early to talk about the cause of this incident.

Iran Press/Iran News: Abbas Mousavi told reporters at the Isfahan Municipality Conference Center on Thursday evening that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is implementing the decisions taken by the governing system, noting that the country's foreign policy has the support of the elite and the law.

The official stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a state body, does not consider itself affiliated with any particular faction, and Iranian diplomats are the executors of the decisions that are determined by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that anyone who wants to break this unity, synergy, and integration in foreign policy, which is approved by the whole system, has not helped the national interest.

"We have always tried to be a good listener and executor of the policies that the system is communicating to us, and to keep the field of foreign policy away from party disputes in order to protect and secure our national interests," Mousavi said.

Mousavi added that that foreign policy of the country is not determined by an institution, but by a set of opinions that are reviewed and discussed and decided on, and approved by the highest authorities and communicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for implementation.

The diplomat went on to say that in some cases, some people may not be aware of the details, but we are not worried that foreign policies will be halted because we will work in clear interaction with all pillars of the states.

Mousavi pointed out that if the parliament makes a decision and approves a law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be subject to it as an executive body, stating that we hope to see the synergy and mutual cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the wisdom of the parliament.

 Iran-China 25-year strategic document defined new reciprocal horizon

The spokesman also explained the draft strategic document with China that this document is being finalized and it is honorable despite the speculations and lies that are being spread about it in cyberspace.

He added that in order to show that our relationship with China is comprehensive and strategic and our view is not temporary, but long-term and strategic, we have proposed a document that a 25-year horizon has been defined.

The official made the remark that this document has been finalized by us and is going through the legal process in China and noted after it is signed, the members of our country's parliament will also review it and comment.

Mousavi highlighted all speculations about this document are the propaganda work of certain people who are against the relationship between the two nations of Iran and China, and we should not listen to those who always want our tension with the world.

Mousavi noted that China was one of the world's great powers in East Asia and that Iran had many commonalities as a regional power in West Asia.

The spokesman said the details of the document would be released once finalized.

 Lt. Gen Qasem Soleimani assassination was US malicious act

Mousavi also said about the legal follow-up of the assassination of Martyr Lieutenant General Soleimani that a special headquarters has been formed in this regard in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some other bodies, such as the judiciary.

He reiterated that some international organizations also acknowledged the US' act against international laws and norms.

The official noted that the United States should be aware of the dangers of its measure which has global consequences and stated that the world owes to Martyr Soleimani, and the world must unanimously condemn this illegal act of the United States, which was carried out cowardly and maliciously in a third country while Martyr Soleimani was on a peacekeeping mission.

Mousavi noted that the illegal announcement of US work in an international forum was the result of part of the legal and diplomatic efforts of various Iranian elements, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Israel behind any incidents but too early to talk about the incident 

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also explained about the Natanz incident and the role of the Zionist regime in it that the Zionist regime is presenting itself in whatever happens, but it is too early to talk about the cause or the main causes of this incident or to conclude.

One of the halls under the construction in Martyr Ahmadi Roshan Enrichment Complex (Natanz) was damaged on Thursday morning, July 5, according to Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization, the site was inactive and did not contain radioactive materials.

Mousavi stated that the security agencies are investigating all the details of the incident, adding that if they conclude that foreign agents were involved, they will announce that if this is the case, the enemies will witness the consequences.

He added that it is too early to judge the Natanz incident and we have to wait for the work of the security and monitoring team to be completed.

Mousavi made the remark that the media that attributes this incident to the Zionist regime are doing this to help its image and show its empty show of power.

US withdrawal from WHO is medical terrorism

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry also spoke about the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) and stressed that after Trump took office in the United States, his actions in the face of international organizations and treaties are chaotic and heretical.

He noted that Trump, in addition to the JCPOA, had withdrawn from many bilateral or multilateral international treaties, which is surprising noting that what the United States has done against the World Health Organization is in the direction of health and medicine terrorism, while the people of the world are facing the problem of the spread of COVID-19.

The official underscored that the US medical terrorism has gone beyond countries and reached the international level, and the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization is condemned and should be condemned by all independent countries in the world.

Iran interact constructively with IAEA

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Iran voluntarily cooperates well with the International Atomic Energy Agency, but this approach is not permanent and they should note that Iran's cooperation with the IAEA is good and constructive within the framework of the law.

He added: " But if the IAEA takes a non-constructive approach under the influence of insinuations from outside the IAEA and based on distorted and inaccurate information and allegations that it is obtained through espionage, raises a statement against Iran or an illegitimate and illegal request from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran will also respond accordingly."

The official underscored that lawmakers could also take action under the existing law in this regard and if a law is passed, the Foreign Ministry will be subject to it, this will have consequences for countries and individuals who have diverted the IAEA's main route, prompting Iran to take action.

If arm embargos don't lift off, we will show a proportionate reaction

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also noted that a series of limitations on arms embargo were to be lifted in October, noting that if this does not happen for any reason, and Iran will enjoy this right and the advantage seen in the resolution and the UN Security Council for the Islamic Republic of Iran, it will demonstrate a very strong and proportionate reaction.

Noting that we have to wait for the decision to be implemented, he underlined that our perception is that the Americans will not succeed because the main weapon is pressure, and we hope that the countries will not succumb to this illegitimate pressure and will not allow the law of the jungle to spread more and more in the international system.

Iran concerns Libya's stability

Regarding Iran's policy towards Libya, Mousavi stated that the principled policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and although it is concerned about the instability and the people of this country, it preferred not to interfere.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added that it is important for us that the people and the various groups in Libya reach a consensus and start talks on this issue, and that the outcome of the talks becomes the will of the Libyan people. Then Iran will support it.

Iran, Turkey, and Russia created Syria's ceasefire

e also explained about Syria that the basis of our work on Syria is the mechanism that the three countries that are the guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria, which are Iran, Turkey, and Russia, have in this regard.

Mousavi concluded that the most important solution for Syria is the agreement of the guarantor member states of the Astana process, and stressed that all countries must adhere to their commitments in this regard in order to witness a secure, stable, and independent Syria free from terrorist groups.


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