The Syrian Minister of Agriculture appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support to the Syrian government and nation against the US pressures and sanctions.

Iran Press/Middle East:  In an interview with al-Alam network on Tuesday, Ahmad al-Qadiri expressed hope that the ties between Iran and Syria get more expanded particularly in the agriculture sector. 

The Syrian minister condemned the US new sanctions against Syria in the form of the so-called 'Caesar Act' and said the US is seeking to hit different sectors in Syria including agriculture through imposing sanctions, but it will never succeed. 

The US Congress passed Caesar Law in 2019 and enforced it from the beginning of June.

The US sanctions against Syria in the form of the so-called 'Caesar Act' targeted 39 Syrian officials and figures including President Bashar al-Assad and his wife.

Under Caesar's law, the United States intends to put Damascus in a difficult position by imposing severe sanctions on Syrian institutions and individuals to prevent cooperation between Syria and its allies to rebuild the country.

on Tehran Summit on July 2 with the participation of the Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Turkey, President Rouhni condemning any sanctions against any nations in the world, especially Syria, said that Iran will continue to support the Syrian government and people with greater vigor.


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