Tehran (IP) - The Ministry of Energy of Iran, in the framework of 'A, B, Iran, Constructions, Mechanisms' project, opens the projects of this ministry in the field of water and electricity every week.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sideline of the inauguration ceremony of "A, B, Iran, Constructions, Mechanisms" project, Reza Ardakanian, Iranian Energy Minister told Iran Press reporter that this is a project we started at the middle of last year and we promised our people that during six months we are going to complete and inaugurate 227 projects in water and electricity industry and we did so.

Ardakanian added that 10 days before the end of the last Iranian year we inaugurated all 227 projects including several large dams, drainage networks, water treatment plants, as well as hydro-power plants, thermal power plants, renewable energy plants. So with this success, we were encouraged to do the same thing in the new year (starting on March 21), and we increased the number of projects to 250 through the year with 50,000 billion toman investment.

Iranian Energy Minister also said: "Now we are in the 10th week of this campaign in the new year and so far we have completed and inaugurated 34 projects in about 13 provinces in Iran and today we have completed 4 projects in Khuzestan, Mazandaran as well as north Khorasan provinces for mainly electricity and fixing distribution networks."

"We think it's very important for our people to see that while sanctions are very severe and painful, but we are going to make benefit out of these sanctions," he added.


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