The anti-racist protests in Washington, DC, turned into anti-Zionist protests.

Iran PressAmerica: Protesters chanted anti-Israeli slogans at the rally, which took place from the Lincoln Memorial to the Congressional Building in Washington.

In this protest, people chanted: "Israel, we know, you kill children too."

Christian Tabash, who led the demonstrations, read a text about the Zionist regime's crimes against the Palestinians.

Various US cities, especially Minneapolis, in Minnesota state have been protesting since May 25 against the racist behavior of the US police.

A white American police officer on Monday, May 25, killed George Floyd, a black American citizen in Minneapolis.

The crime has angered the American people. Police and security forces, however, are cracking down on protesters by the orders of the US President Donald Trump.

Thousands have been injured in protests in the United States in recent weeks.


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