Iranians are victims of American-backed terrorists

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman in response to the accusation of the United States against Iran in the form of an annual report, stated the US regime, as the biggest supporter of state terrorism, is not in a position to oppose terrorism.

Iran Press/Iran News: Reacting to the US regime's annual report on terrorism, Seyed Abbas Mousavi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran completely rejects and condemns this report due to its obvious projection, sheer dishonesty and the US regime's double standards in the fight against terrorism.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the US regime, as the biggest supporter of state terrorism and the main supporter of the Zionist aggressor and occupier regime, is not in a position to claim to fight terrorism and judge in this regard.

Mousavi stressed that the history of the last few decades clearly shows that the United States has even acknowledged that some US officials have been involved in the creation of some terrorist groups or have supported these groups and their terrorist acts. Trump also made it clear during the campaign that previous US governments had created ISIS and other terrorist groups.

A spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry called the US regime's cowardly and terrorist act in assassinating Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, a hero in the fight against terrorism, a clear example of the US regime's terrorist crimes. 

Mousavi stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the biggest victim of terrorist acts, which were generally carried out with the direct and indirect support of the US government and with more than 17,000 martyrs that have been sacrificed in this way, Iran is always at the forefront of the fight against terrorism globally and regionally.

In its annual report on "terrorism" released on Wednesday, the US State Department accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of supporting terrorism. This is while the US as the main supporter of Takfiri terrorists in the region caused many problems for innocent people.


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