A Cameroonian military official said 24 separatists had been killed in two recent airstrikes in the northwestern English-speaking region.

Iran Press/Africa: General Valere Nka told state radio Wednesday the army had carried out two major operations in recent days to fight separatists in the Northwest region, where conflict erupted nearly three years ago, as well as in the Southwest region.

The operation was carried out in Bali, Batibo, and Widikumin in the English-speaking Cameroon region, where separatists blocked the road to Nigeria.

The commander of military operations in the English-speaking Cameroonian region also said: the military carried out a second airstrike on a separatist camp in the Mbokam neighborhood, killing 11 terrorists and seizing dozens of weapons.

English-speaking separatists in Cameroon are trying to establish an independent state in the northwestern part of the country.

They launched an armed struggle against the Cameroonian government in late 2017, and the area has been the scene of armed conflict ever since.

Protesters in English-speaking Cameroon have called the government's policies discriminatory.


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