Tehran (IP) - The governor of Iran's Central Bank (CBI), wrote about his eight-hour trip to Iraq by posting on Instagram: "Today's (Wednesday) talks on how to implement the memorandum and use the CBI's resources to buy basic goods and medicine have yielded good results."

Iran Press/Iran news: Abdul Nasser Hemmati, wrote about his trip: "With a delegation from CBI, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Ministry of Energy and the gas company, we met with the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and president of the Central Bank of Iraq."

He continued: "Last year, we signed a good agreement on how to use the sources of gas and electricity exports to Iraq. However, due to some problems, the memorandum was not fully operational."

Hemmati also said that in the negotiations we have reached good results on how to implement the memorandum and use the resources of the central bank to buy basic goods and medicine, which, God willing, will begin its operational stages next week.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran stated that the value of Iran's gas and electricity exports to Iraq is several billion dollars annually, and there are billions of CBI's dollars in Iraq, and we agreed on how to use them under last year's agreement.

Hemmati added: "Mr. Kazemi, the Prime Minister of Iraq while emphasizing the cooperation of Iraq in solving the problem of paying Iran for electricity and gas, stated: I have had meetings with the relevant officials in this regard and I am aware of the problems. I have asked them to cooperate in resolving such issues, and our message to our friends in Tehran is that Iraq is on this path."

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kazemi also said that we have a full agreement with Iran on how to solve the problems of money transfer through supplying food and basic goods and that we will cooperate. In addition, Iraqi businessmen are interested in cooperating, and I have personally ordered that the problems related to Iran's payment to be resolved.

At the end of his message on Instagram, Hemmati wrote: "The will of the Prime Minister and other Iraqi officials to expand cooperation and trade and financial relations promises to increase two countries' trading. I would like to appreciate the constructive efforts of our Ambassador to Iraq."


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