(IP)- The Iranian ambassador in Doha announced the finalizing of the prisoner swap agreement.

Iran Press/Middle East: Iran's Ambassador to Doha Hamidreza Dehghani appreciated the role of Qatar's Deputy Foreign Minister in advancing bilateral relations, especially the prisoner swap agreement.

Dehghani held talks with Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz al-Khalifi, Qatar's deputy Foreign Minister for Regional Affairs.

Following the release of Iran's frozen funds in South Korea, the Biden administration issued exemptions that allow banks to transfer $6 billion of Iran's blocked assets to Qatar without being targeted by sanctions.

The so-called Tehran-Washington prisoner swap agreement was reached on August 10.

Iran's Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanaani pointed to the humanitarian nature of the prisoner swap on Monday, saying the process could have happened earlier in case the American side had cooperated more.

Kanaani went on to express hope for the transfer of Iran's blocked assets in the near future.  


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