(IP)- The photo exhibition of Iranian Islamic architecture was held in the city of Livorno, in the northwest of Italy, with the presence of Iran's cultural attaché to Italy.

Iran PressEurope: The ceremony was held with the support of Livorno Municipality's Cultural Vice-Chancellor. 

Mohammad Taghi Amini, Iran's cultural attaché to Italy, appreciated the efforts of the famous artist Franco Zampetti. 

Zampetti introduced the culture and art of Islamic Iran in the ceremony.

Iran's cultural attaché said that Zampetti's beautiful and specialized photos of the cultural, historical, and religious monuments of Iran were brilliant and aimed at introducing Iranian art. 

Franco Zampetti, a famous Italian architect, who lives in Florence, prepared a collection of 40 photographs during a trip to Iran in the spring of 2019.

The photos are used to depict the architectural splendor of special historical monuments.

Zampetti has been engaged in this type of photography for 35 years and by traveling to different countries, he prepares and displays numerous photos. 

Iranian cultural attaché refers to the cultural records between Iran and Italy. He expressed hope for the development of cultural ties as well.


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