Tehran (IP)- The Oil Tanker Tracking Center announced in a Twitter message that the first ship containing Iranian fuel was anchored at the El Palito refinery in Venezuela.

Iran Press/America: The Oil Tanker Tracking Center wrote in a Twitter message: "Iranian oil/chem Handymax tanker, FORTUNE, which loaded 43 million litres of gasoline during mid-March at Port Shahid Rajaee, Iran, has now moored at berth 2 at the refinery of El Palito, Venezuela, situated west of the capital city, Caracas."

The second ship, the Forest, entered the Caribbean Sea on Saturday. Three other ships are crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Carrying Iranian fuel, five ships, the Fortune, the Forest, the Faxon, the Petunia, and the Clavell, headed for Venezuela.

Yesterday, at the same time as Iran's first oil tanker entered Venezuela's special economic waters, the hashtag #GraciasIran became the first Twitter trend in Venezuela.

Stressing that both Caracas and Tehran want peace, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked Iran for its support and said we have the right to trade freely.

He called Iran and Venezuela "revolutionary people" who "will never kneel down before the North American empire."


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