Sari (IP)- Mazandaran Deputy Governor for Civil Affairs Coordination announced On Monday, May 24, four important civil projects in Mazandaran province worth over 4,000 billion rials will be inaugurated and put into operation by the President through a video conference.

Iran PressIran News: Mehdi Razjouyan described these projects as the government's present to the people of Mazandaran on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr and added: "The second runway and development of Ramsar Airport's flight platform will be operated with a credit of 1,400 billion Rials and the "apron" development project of Sari Airport with an area of ??13,300 square meters and a credit of 62 billion Rials.

He stated that five kilometers of the Haraz road project with a value of 1,500 billion Rials will be inaugurated and put into operation by the president tomorrow and noted, "On this day, 17 kilometers of the Sari-Takam 4-lane highway project with a value of 1,200 billion Rials will also be opened.



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