Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria underlined the right of freedom, independence, and security for the Palestinian nation, saying the Palestinian issue is not only a religious issue for the people in Africa but also a moral and humane matter.

Iran Press/Africa: In the first day of the International Conference of the Holy Quds on Monday, the Deputy Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria) said that "Sheikh Zakzaky pays special attention to the Palestinian issue, and this has given Palestinian issue a special place among the people of Africa."

Condemning the crimes of the Zionist Regime against the Palestinian nations and other nations in the region, Abdelkader Sanusi stressed: "Israel has committed countless and big crimes during its ominous lifetime, and Israel's hands are stained with the blood of tens of thousands of oppressed Palestinians."

"The people of Palestine want freedom, independence, and security just like other countries," he added.

He then expressed his hope that Palestine, as a part of the Islamic world, would be returned to Palestinians.

The International Conference of the Holy Quds, in which cultural, political, and scientific figures from different countries of the world give a speech via video conferencing, is being held on the occasion of the International Quds Day.


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