Tehran (IP) - Iran's President described mines as one of the pillars for a surge in production in the country and, referring to Iran’s mining development statistics, stressed that the great transformation in the mining industry is the decisive response of Iranian workers, engineers and managers to the conspiracies and pressures of the Global Arrogance.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Today was a very good day for all of us because of the four big openings we had in Kerman province in the copper section. In our metals, along with steel, aluminum copper is one of the most important metals in the country, which both meets our domestic needs and exports," Rouhani added.

The President went on to describe the statistics presented by the governor general of Kerman province as the good ones saying that 26,000 billion projects were inaugurated in the mining and mineral industries sector last year, and he promised that about 30,000 projects will be inaugurated by the end of the year, which means that the inauguration will take place." There are many others before the end of the year in Kerman province.

The President also said that good news has been provided by the governor General of Kerman Province in agricultural sector saying some products such as pistachios and dates, Kerman province has the highest production in the country. In the southern part of Kerman, they complained that a lot of crops were planted, and due to corona outbreak, we had to find a solution."

"I will tell the Minister of Agriculture about these products and farmers at a price that is affordable for them, and the government will follow up", Rouhani stressed.

He continued: "Such a vibrant province in various sectors is both a producer and an exporter and a proud province with great commanders and high-ranking personalities who protected our country and people, and a very high example of that is  Lt.General Qassem Soleimani and I saw what a great honor he had created for us, Muslims and the region, may God place his soul next to the soul of Imam Mojtaba (AS) these days.

Rouhani added: "We will definitely follow up on the water issue and we will discuss this issue with the Minister of Energy, both for the allocation of water and for the water to reach Kerman province from the southern region as soon as possible, and we know that it is one of the provinces for industry and agriculture."

"We have no choice but to produce in order to move things forward and meet the needs of sanctions and corona," he added.

Rouhani emphasized: "In the year of surge in production, we will see more and faster movement in production than in previous years." The fact that this year the Leader emphasized the issue of production is that in the face of sanctions and corona, we have no choice but to produce in order to advance the work and meet the needs of the people, and we must expand production. Both for production and export and employment, which is very important for us.

He pointed out that the mine is one of the assets of the government that should be exploited if it is easy to exploit because it is a license for sand or lime mines, gypsum that is not very complex and the private sector can handle it well. Make the product available to the public.

Inauguration ceremony of Khatoonabad Copper smelting  development project was held on Thursday with the presence of Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Reza Rahmani. 


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