Iran's ambassador to international organizations stated that Iran accepted 21% of the total inspections of the IAEA in 2019 and over 90% of inspections for Additional Protocol and the Comprehensive Safeguard Agreement, making it at the top of the list of countries accepting IAEA inspections.

Iran Press/Europe: In an interview with reporters on Wednesday morning, Kazem Gharibabadi added that Iran is among the 62 countries that are implementing the Additional Protocol and the Comprehensive Safeguard Agreement, but still, IAEA has not reached a broader conclusion on undeclared materials and activities.

The envoy stated that "According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on safeguard implementation in 2019, out of 466 IAEA inspections (equal to 1,200 man-days) among the member states of this group, 432 inspections (equivalent to 1103 man-days) have been carried out in Iran, which is equivalent to 92% inspection in this group, and 20% of the total inspections in a global level.

Iranian diplomat highlighted, "Also, out of 45 additional accesses made in 2019 among the group of 62 countries, 33 accesses have been made from Iran, which is equivalent to 73% of the accesses in this group and 24% of the total accesses worldwide.

Gharibabadi, referring to Iran's full transparency in its peaceful nuclear program and the fact that a large volume of IAEA inspections is being carried out due to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), said: "Given the unfavorable conditions around JCPOA and the non-fulfillment of European obligations on the one hand, and the US plans to pursue other destructive measures in the UN Security Council and beyond unilaterally, on the other hand, cooperation is not Iran's only option.

He added that Iran has a range of options, including cooperation, a return to safeguard obligations, and a review of those commitments, one of which will be tailored with regard to the actions of the other parties.


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