Tehran (IP) - Managing Director of Sistan and Baluchestan Intelligence office said 70 terrorists affiliated with Takfiri terrorist groups arrested and five others killed during last year.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian official describing provincial security  operation of Ministry of Intelligence in the past year said: Our forces managed to foil 12 sabotage operations and seized six ammunition cargo including more than 200 weapons."

Emphasizing that in the past year 135 armed operations by terrorist group foiled by Intelligence office he added that Iranian security forces in Sistan and Baluchestan conducted 8 successful operations to free hostages and another important operation to annihilate an outlaw rebel in Iranshahr.

The Iranian official said that the Intelligence office in Sistan and Baluchestan managed to seize 50 tons of drugs and disband 70 drug smuggling groups.

On March 8, Intelligence office of Sistan and Baluchestan province reported that a terrorist team affiliated with Jaish ul-Adl has been detected when trying to enter Iran and its leader named Elyas Narouie (Zobeir) was killed.

Earlier, on February 8, a terrorist team that wanted to detonate the Zahedan police base was arrested by IRGC forces.

During the operation, two terrorists were arrested and the 5 kg-bomb has been discovered.


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