Iran's Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali referred to the US health terrorism against Iran, saying, "Washington is creating obstacles in the way of global efforts to fight coronavirus."

Iran Press/Europe: Kazem Jalali made the remarks during a phone call with the Japanese ambassador to Moscow, Toyohisa Kozuki.

He appreciated Japan for supporting the Iranian nation in the fight against the coronavirus.

Iran's Ambassador to Moscow referred to the cruel US sanctions against the Iranian nation, especially the numerous obstacles in sending medicine and medical aid to Iran to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Toyohisa Kozuki also expressed his sympathy with the families of the Iranian victims and praised Tehran's determination and efforts in the fight against the deadly virus.

Two sides also discussed the latest developments in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

Following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in the world, the Japanese government has so far sent humanitarian aid to Iran, emphasizing the need for global solidarity to fully control the spread of the virus. 

Japan also donates Avigan drug to Iran for COVID-19 patients treatment.

The American sanctions target both Iran and its international partners, including European countries that seek to engage in trade with the Islamic Republic.


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