Russia calls on lifting sanctions as obstacles to medical aid\' on Iran

Chairman of the Russian Peace Foundation has called on the US, UK and the European Union (EU) to leave policy on US unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Iran Press/Europe: Chairman of the Russian Peace Foundation Leonid Slutsky made the remarks in a statement while referring to the critical situation in the entire world after the outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019.

As Slutsky said, humanity today is facing an unprecedented challenge that has made involved in all world countries, affected near 1,500,000 people and killed over 88,000.

Continuation of coronavirus pandemic will bring economic crisis to the world, the Russian official noted.

Further, he expressed dissatisfaction over a disagreement on Russia's proposal to the United Nations for global solidarity.

Although the UN secretary-general was after the draft of Russia's proposal, it was rejected by the EU, the US, the UK, just for political reasons, Slutsky said.

Those who introduce themselves as democratic states have imposed different kinds of sanctions against one-third of the world nations, he noted.

In the end, he stressed that the Russian Peace Foundation will continue helping the coronavirus-hit countries.

The deadly coronavirus radiating from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 has affected about 1,485,000 people across the world, while more than 88,500 have been killed.


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