Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Parliament Speaker said the country can manage to turn Coronavirus threats to opportunities, giving the example of using the device-based method instead of face-to-face visits in the post-Coronavirus era.

Iran PressIran News: In a phone conversation on Tuesday with the head of the Special Commission for National Production Support, Hamidreza Fouladgar, Ali Larijani enumerated changing the face-to-face visits in bodies to the device-based method as one of the opportunities created in the post-Coronavirus era.

He added that the economic structures of the country should be reformed through the establishment of e-government, decentralization, and coordination of support entities to aid affected businesses.

To do so, Larijani said that face-to-face visits to offices and intra-city trips should be reduced in an e-government context. Mechanized payment systems, online shopping, and e-training should be institutionalized in the country forever, through using the capacity of the Sixth Development Plan directives.

He also advised the use of the experience of some countries to overcome the recession.

Fouladgar, for his part, wished the recovery of the parliament speaker and provided him with a report on the formation of working groups of production surge and investigation of the Coronavirus impacts on the economy of the country.

Larijani also called for the coordination of supportive institutions to help small businesses, classless jobs, and day laborers who have suffered the most from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Following the detection of some symptoms of the Coronavirus in Larijani, he was tested for the Coronavirus and is currently under quarantine and treatment due to positive COVID-19.


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