Coronavirus outbreak growing in Arab states

Coronavirus outbreak is growing high despite the increase of tough measures taken in Arab states.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Saudi Ministry of Health announced an increase in the number of infected and deaths due to the virus in the country with 2039 infected and 25 dead.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Interior Ministry announced the imposition of curfews in al-Dammam, Taif, and Qatif due to the Coronavirus.

In Jordan, the Minister of Agriculture Ibrahim al-Shahahdeh resigned due to administrative mistakes in dealing with the crisis caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

He is the first Arab official to step down as a result of the spreading  of the Coronavirus. Jordanian armed forces have also closed all cities in the country, including Aman, and blocked all entrances.

The Jordanian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that the latest 278 of people infected with the Coronavirus in the country, of whom five died.

In a statement, the Lebanese army command warned violators of curfew, urging citizens to stay indoors in order to maintain their health.

According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the number of people infected with the disease in the country has reached 508 and the number of deaths has increased to 17.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command announced the Israeli regime deliberately ignores the Palestinian prisoners so that the new Coronavirus is transmitted to them.

According to official figures, 160 Palestinians have been infected with the Coronavirus in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, 12 of whom are residents of the Gaza Strip and the rest are residents of the West Bank. So far, one Palestinian has died from the virus, and more than 20 have recovered.

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has extended the state of emergency for another 30 days to fight the Coronavirus.

Kuwait's Minister of Health Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah also announced on Friday that 82 infected people cured.

One of the Corona patients in Kuwait, who was an Indian citizen, died whose death is the first cause of death in Kuwait since the outbreak of the virus.

Worldwide, the total number of infections recorded since the beginning of the outbreak reached more than 1,098,762. Some 228,923 people have recovered globally, while nearly 59,172 have died.


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