Tehran (IP) - Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman reacted to International Atomic Energy Agency allegations on the Islamic Republic of Iran and said that IAEA should keep its independence and not be affected by any foreign country.

Iran Press/Iran news: “We send all reports and IAEA should keep its dignity and its independence and should not be affected by any foreign country,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi told Iran Press News Agency about IAEA claim that Iran refused to answer to the questions about two unreported atomic sites.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said if European countries do anything to maintain JCPOA we are ready to back from our decision in reducing our commitments under this agreement.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi over US official claim to readiness for help to Iran over Coronavirus outbreak said if the US wants to help Iranian people, it’s better to lift sanctions on medicine.

Mousavi on the Idlib crisis said: "We had conversations with Russian and Turkish officials over Syria and we emphasized the implementation of Astana mechanism because we believe this mechanism is the best way for solving Syria crisis."


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