Tehran (P) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said that his country is not supposed to respond to “unprincipled questions and demands” by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 

Iran Press/Iran news: During a press conference, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said Iran's full cooperation with IAEA will continue but the Agency should not be affected by political considerations.

Responding to a question about the IAEA's claim that Iran denied access to the two sites, he said, "This is a technical and legal debate. The claim they made was not a site. The site has its definition. We have the most technical cooperation with the Agency, and not every allegation or question raised by the Agency and Iran is supposed to answer."

He added, "The framework of our cooperation with the Agency is clear, but the Agency must also consider its reputation and credibility. Any absurd claims made by any regime or individual should not be the basis of the Agency's question. We do not validate the basis of this IAEA's action and it is not legal and the allegations must be substantiated and based on the politicization of some regimes the Agency should not make claims. Such an approach would certainly not be constructive."

Mousavi noted, "FM Zarif had a phone call with High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell about this and the recent report of the IAEA and Iran's cooperation with the IAEA. We use every opportunity to express our opinions.

The spokesman said that "We will discuss this with the European authorities and various countries in a serious manner and outline our position for European officials and members of the Agency."

Mousavi also referred to the EU statement yesterday, noting, "We consider this statement in line with previous European statements and pure rhetoric. If the Europeans are ready to take steps. They will return to their commitments to the JCPOA and guarantee the economic interests of the Iranian people.

He added, "Whenever Europeans take practical steps to fulfill their obligations to Iran, Iran will go back to its previous commitments."

Elsewhere in this news conference he said, "The history of humanity and Iranians has shown that we should not underestimate the threat and underestimation means defeat. We are a nation with a sense of humor for every problems and difficulties, but we should not underestimate the problem and the threat."

"We hope that all Iranians take this matter seriously and respect individual and collective health. We're all onboard the same ship over one hundred countries in the world are on board of this ship. Nobody has the right to pierce it where it is. Everyone in Iran and around the world needs to take this issue seriously. Coronavirus like the terrorism virus needs the synergy of all countries, and we need to come together to overcome these conditions," the spokesman said. 101

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