A second member of France’s National Assembly has been taken to hospital after contracting coronavirus and five other lawmakers are being tested for the illness, the lower house’s presidency said in a statement on Saturday.

Iran Press/Europe: The Assembly did not name the two legislators who have caught the disease but local media in the eastern region of Alsace have reported that the first of the two lawmakers is Jean-Luc Reitzer, who represents one of the departments most affected by the outbreak and is currently under intensive care.

According to Reuters, the second lawmaker is a woman, according to the statement by the parliament. The Assembly said on Friday that a snack bar worker had also contracted the virus.

In another development, the head of the country’s public health service, Jerome Salomon, said on Saturday that 16 people in France have died from coronavirus, an increase of five since the previous toll.

France now has 949 confirmed cases of coronavirus, Salomon said.