Coronavirus: While new cases are on the rise, Italian economy takes a body blow

Coronavirus is in spike as Italy was the first European country to report a major surge in cases of the coronavirus, with numbers quickly climbing into the hundreds and influencing its economy greatly.

Iran Press/Europe: The authorities have responded with travel restrictions in the north of  Italy that is bound to hit the economy.

So far, a number of towns in Lombardy in northern Italy have been locked down, with very limited numbers of people being allowed in or out.

That matters, because northern Italy is the country's industrial powerhouse. Lombardy alone accounts for 40% of Italian industrial output. Milan is Italy's key center for finance and a range of other services.

Other Places inflicted with coronavirus

South Korea added another 376 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday morning, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 3,526. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were no additional fatalities and the death toll stands at 17 as of Sunday, 9 a.m. local

Australia’s first coronavirus victim has died after arriving in Western Australia from the contaminated Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The 78-year-old died in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital early on Sunday morning, according to WA Health Deputy Chief Health Officer and Director Andrew Robertson, who addressed media on Sunday.

He was one of 164 Australians being held in isolation in Japan and arrived in Western Australia on Friday, onboard a Royal Flying Doctor Service flight.

Also, Mainland China reported 573 new, confirmed coronavirus cases on Feb. 29, up from 427 on the previous day, the country’s health authority said on Sunday. The number of deaths stood at 35, down from 47 on the previous day, bringing the total death toll in mainland China to 2,870


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