Iran's ambassador to London said in a ceremony on the occasion of the 41st. anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution that the Islamic Revolution of Iran was supported by the majority of the Iranian in past 41 years ago and still has important messages for the 21century,"

Iran PressEurope: In a ceremony on the occasion of the 41st. anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said: "Islamic revolution still has important messages for the 21 century".

"Islamic revolution was supported widely by the Iranian nation 41 years ago and still, Iranians are supporting the revolution. As you have seen, the streets of Tehran and the other cities of Iran were full of people and huge populations who have taken part in the funeral ceremony of General Soleimani," the ambassador highlighted.

"You could see how much these people are sticking to the principles of the Islamic revolution," Baeidinejad said.

"As you have seen, Muslims in the region particularly in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and so many people in many countries even in Latin America supporting the message of the Islamic revolution," the diplomat noted.

"The reality of the Islamic revolution is that Islam is not a religion which is only for personal practices and is not the religion we find it only in the mosques, or only in your behavior with Allah. It is a social religion," He continued.

"Islam is the nature of the Islamic revolution and the revolution has a very important message and that is you can be successful in your administration if you would rely on the support of the people. Support of the people is a very crucial element that should be respected. We are proud that since the start of the revolution we have been so many times referring to the people's will for the important decisions," Iran's ambassador to London stated.

All of our policymakers directly or indirectly elected by the people. Even the Supreme leader elected by the people. In this way, the assembly of experts is elected by the people and the assembly chooses the leader. So all the elements of the politics in Iran are relying on the will of the people," the ambassador concluded.

"When the Islamic Revolution succeeded, the enemies sought to counter it. They called it the Shia revolution then they tried to defeat it, and thus created the extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS to prevent Iran from achieving its goals," Iran's diplomat added.

"The Islamic Revolution is not a Shia revolution in Iran and in the region other religions have supported this revolution, so the enemies failed to introduce it as a Shia revolution," he concluded.


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