Tehran (IP) - The American advanced UAV ‘Global Hawk’ carcass was put on display by IRGC after being pulled out of the water.

Iran Press/Iran news: While standing beside the drone carcass on Thursday, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh referred to new pieces discovered from the American MQ-4 UAV, which had been struck by the force and recently being pulled out by IRGC Navy from the deep waters of southern Iran, saying: "We have the capability to make this drone inoperative within thousands of kilometers and we have drawn a red line on this drone."

“We have gained access to all its codes and passwords, and we can disable this drone within thousands of kilometers away from Tehran,” said Hajizadeh.

Details of Iran's attack on Ain Al-Assad to be released

Pointing to the Iranian retaliatory attack on US Ain Al-Assad airbase in Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Commander said that during the operation, the Americans took a small slap in the face in the electronic warfare, stressing that the UAV is no longer effective against Iran.

He further noted that the Americans are seriously concerned about Iran shooting down and analyzing the details of the drone.

The official also said that further details about the attack on Ain Al-Assad will be released.

A US Global Hawk spy drone intruded into Iranian airspace on Thursday, June 20, and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps brought it down after the drone ignored Iran’s several warnings. 

IRGC had earlier showcased parts of its remains a few days after shooting it down.


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