Bushehr (IP): The Head of Iran's Judiciary Ebrahim Raisi said elections are the most important issue in the country, and all those who care about the system, the state, the dignity of the nation and the revolution must fulfill their mission in this field.

Iran Press/Iran news: Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi addressed people of Bushehr during his provincial tour to the southern province, saying: "Whoever, with or without any motivation, questions the election process for the sake of not serving their interests or seeking to attract the attention of others, whether or not they want to undermine the election process, weakens the electoral process and would be along the enemy's will."

"The enemy's strategy is to insecure the nation's great fortunes," he added.

Iran's Judiciary Head went on to say that empowering the country comes from an efficient and powerful system, and the formation of a strong parliament is an important foundation for a strong country.

Ebrahim Raisi referred to the 1000- km- coastline of Bushehr province, emphasizing: "50% of the GDP of some countries comes from the sea. If the maritime economy is activated, this sector's valuable reserves can be used to solve the country's problems; including production, reducing unemployment, and job creation."

"The more we are empowered in this sector, the more frustrated the enemy will be," he said.

Reisi, referring to the Islamic Revolution leader's view of the stability and resistance of the Bushehr people against the British troops and the invaders, saying: "The province has distinguished figures such as Rais-Ali Delvari, and Abd al-Husayn Lari who helped people stand against the aggression vigorously."

Iran's Judiciary Head underlined that martyrs, Islamic and national culture, and strong presence of the Iranian nation in various fields have pushed the enemy back. We have seen an example of this during the funeral procession of the martyred Lieutenant-General Qasem Soleimani.

He emphasized that martyrs are the true intellectuals of society: "The true intellectual is one who recognizes society and its real need and as a real observer trying to solve problems, not one who pushes society toward Western culture and model."


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