The sixth Persian language and literature Olympiad organized by Iran’s cultural attaché, has been held in Baku State University, in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Baku, Asghar Farsi, said the Persian language and literature Olympiad was based on high standards, adding that "holding these kinds of programs which aim to  encourage and motivate young people and college students to learn more about Persian language and literature is highly significant as well as necessary."

Iran’s Cultural Attaché stressed:  "The Persian langue and literature lab that was formed at this university, with help from Iran's embassy, also needs to be updated".

Currently some 120 students, at three levels of BA, MA and PhD , are studying Persian language and literature courses at Baku State University. Other universities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, including Khazar University, Ganja State University, and Ankara State University, also offer Persian language and literature courses either as an option or as a compulsory course.

The head of the language and literature department, at Baku State University, Elkhan Azizov , said the number of students and young people who have participated in this year's Persian language Olympiad is very high -- unprecedented in fact -- and this points to the significance and importance of the Persian language in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azizov thanked Iran’s cultural attaché to Baku, Asghar Farsi, for organizing the Olympiad.

It should be noted that the annual Persian language Olympiad held in Moscow each year, has been highly successful, attracting a wide range of students interested in Persian language and literature from many parts of Russia.