British media, Daily Telegraph reported that the country's Ambassador to Tehran Rob Macaire will return to Iran after leaving his mission due to a pre-planned trip to London.

Iran PressEurope: Some official sources in the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Macaire's trip to London was a pre-planned trip and that Macaire will return to his post in Tehran and this isn't him being pulled out of the country.

UK ambassador Rob Macaire on Wednesday has left Iran after his arrest over the weekend, according to Iranian Government Official News Agency, IRNA.

The report said that the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Iran has left the country with prior notice and according to the protocols.

Macaire attended an illegal gathering in front of Amir-Kabir University in Tehran on Saturday following the crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane. 

He was arrested by the police but was released shortly following contacts by the Iranian Foreign Ministry officials.

Macaire was later summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran for his unconventional conduct and the UK was officially informed of Iran's protest against his move. 

According to the diplomatic protocols, every ambassador and diplomatic representatives can notify the host country and return to his country for any reason.


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