Tehran (IP) - Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation (CAOI) chief Ali Abedzadeh said that undoubtedly, the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was not shot down by a missile.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking before reporters on Friday Abedzadeh added, "The plane, turned right following a problem and was headed back to the airport at the moment of the crash."

He underlined that the missile had not hit the Ukrainian passenger plane and any comment on the missile strike is out of context and not scientifically-backed and the reason behind the crash is determined after reopening of the black box.

Abedzadeh said that in the past two days, there has been news from the US and Canadian politicians that we expect the specialized news to reach the world in a relevant way.

"We emphasize that if the statements of US and Canadian politicians are from the two countries' disaster investigation agencies, they should be announced through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)," he noted.

The head of Civil Aviation Organisation went on to say, "Like Iran, which released the initial crash report on its airline's Web site, the United States should also have the audacity to give the scientific backing of its findings to the world, according to the ICAO Annex structure."

Abedzadeh noted that the information contained in the aircraft's black box on flight parameters and pilot talk is critical to the CAO.IRI's comment, so the black box was designed to analyze hundreds of flight information and extract from them. Any information before analyzing the Black box analysis is not scientifically-based.

He underlined that we are confident that the aircraft was not hit by a missile, the aircraft was flying for more than 1.5 minutes caught fire and the crash site indicates that the pilot had decided to return.

On the reason behind the fact that pilot had not contacted Mehrabad watchtower to change the flight route, the head of the Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that the pilot was struggling to save the plane and not had the opportunity to contact and after TAKE OFF has contacted the tower to ask for a 26,000-foot altitude.

He said Iran has the ability to read the black box under normal circumstances, but it is difficult to extract information directly because of damage to the black box. We need special software and hardware available in the country, but if we can't extract information because of the black box damage, we will get help from other countries. 101

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