Karaj (IP) - Iranian President in his remarks in the opening ceremony of Karaj-Hashtgerd subway said that Iran today is under intense pressure from looters who plundered its assets in previous years.

Iran Press/Iran News: "We had some difficult days during the sanctions era. Today we are going through the worst period of sanctions, but the people are well against malicious powers and enemies," Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said, noting that "Today we have no choice but to access technology for people's well-being".

Rouhani highlighted: "We are in an economic war right now, but our petrochemicals have improved greatly. Some say the country's problems are not due to sanctions but from poor management, but when there are no facilities, managers cannot do anything. If there were no sanctions, we would have had more revenue and more foreign investment".

Elsewhere the President stated: "Our people have endured years of pressure and are no longer willing to give the country back under pressure from the US, but the enemies cannot endure the victory and want to prevent it."

"Now, if the country can stand against the US and others, it is because of the decisive vote that the people have given the president. We negotiated powerfully with other countries", President Rouhani underscored.

"We conducted naval drills in the Oman Sea with China and Russia, and this has made our enemies very angry about how the three great powers of China-Russia-Iran have done such a big military exercise together. It was not tolerated by the small countries of the region that were humiliated by Americans, neither for the United States nor for Britain", Rouhani noted.


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