Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani stated that the era of the Syrian crisis has ended and the country has entered a period of reconstruction.

Iran Press/Iran news: During a meeting with some of the Syrian tribal leaders in Tehran, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani referred to the importance of the Syrian constitution being drafted by the Syrian people, adding that "Syrian people do not need mandatory and should be able to draft and approve their country's constitution without any external pressure."

Larijani also stressed the need to resolve some of Syria's problems, adding that "The presence of terrorists in the Adlib region has had detrimental effects, and the problem must be resolved as soon as possible."

Speaking about the fact that some countries in the region claimed that Syria would fall shortly, the Parliament Speaker said: "Syria was able to overcome the dangerous plot of enemies."

"US President Donald Trump's remarks on Syria showed that they were merely seeking oil in this country," Larijani added.

Speaking about the effective cooperation between Iran, Turkey, and Russia during Astana negotiations for resolving the Syrian crisis, the Iranian Parliament Speaker said: "Iran opposes any action against Syria's territorial integrity and supports this country in the fight against terrorism."

The leaders of Syrian tribes praised Iran's support of Syria in the fight against terrorism, adding that Iran's constructive role was crucial in the days of Syrian crisis. 104/219

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