Iran's Foreign Ministry has strongly criticized as "irresponsible and meddling" remarks by the German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass about recent violent riots in Iran after fuel price hikes.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Such irresponsible comments fail in overshadowing shortcomings of certain European countries in their obligations under JCPOA and their passive reaction to the US economic terrorism policy," ministry's Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said in a statement issued on Thursday on the Foreign Ministry website.

The statement was released following the German official's response to an MP in which he claimed hundreds of people were killed in the riots in Iran which should be condemned.

Mousavi reminded Germany's role in arming former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons against his countrymen and Iran, brutal suppression of G20 Summit protests in Hamburg in 2017, as well as the export of European-made arms to Middle East countries which has led to war crimes in Yemen.

"Berlin is expected to put on its agenda observation of the primary principle of human rights with open and impartial eyes rather than adopting unprofessional and biased positions," he added.

Mousavi also said that the government of Iran is ready to listen to its people and that it differentiates between dissenting views and enemies' lines and their foreign supporters which support the killing of innocent people.



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