Tehran (IP) - The chairman of 'Iran's Election Headquarters', Jamal Orf has said an estimated seven thousand prospective candidates will register to contest the 2020 parliamentary election.

Iran Press/Iran news: Orf, speaking at a news conference on Saturday in Tehran said that according to estimates by the Election Headquarters, out of these seven thousand candidates, about 40 percent will be independents, 34 percent conservatives (or principlists) and about 26 percent will be reformists.

He said more than two thousand provincial governors and county governors have been instructed and trained in all procedures and legal issues for the upcoming elections, Iran Press reported.

The chairman of Iran's Election Headquarters also said all training needed for election officials have been completed and all plans and procedures are up to date.

He added that the training of personnel in the provinces will be done in the second phase.

Orf noted a preliminary agreement between Election Headquarters and the Council of Guardians for electronic identification and recognition of voters, arguing this is a good start for electronic voting in future parliamentary elections.

The chairman of the Iranian Election Headquarters answering a question about the effect of recent rioting on parliamentary elections said: "Providing security is the duty of Iran Security Headquarters (and interior ministry) which will be convened during election time."

Jamal Orf added: "The Deputy Interior Minister is in charge of Iran's Security Headquarters for the parliamentary election. In some regions competition and campaigning by candidates is very intensive and possibly there may be some security issues. We can predict any precautionary measures needed and will take appropriate action if there is a need." 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Orf said the new 'Parliament Reform Law' won't be applied for the upcoming parliamentary elections because the new law has not been enforced as yet, and the process of legislation is not complete.

The upcoming legislative elections in Iran will be held on 21 February 2020, four years after the previous legislative elections in early 2016.

The last parliamentary elections were held in Iran on 26 February 2016.

The second round of voting was held on 29 April 2016 for some constituencies where candidates failed to obtain the required minimum 25 percent of votes cast. The current elected MPs will serve until their term ends on 27 May 2020.

The parliamentary election was held concurrent with the election of members of the Assembly of Experts. The 2016 election was the first time that both bodies were elected simultaneously.


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