Political committee member of Ansarullah, Muhammad Al-Bakhit, has said the United States and the Zionist regime are putting obstacles in the way of mediation efforts to end the war in Yemen.

Iran Press/Middle East: "The Saudi-led coalition has changed its position on the war against Yemen, but the US and the Zionist regime want the war to continue," Al-Bakhit said.

Talking to Al-Mayadeen television network, Al-Bakhit called the shooting down of a Saudi Apache helicopter by the Yemeni air defence as a big blow to the aggressors. He added: "It is in the interests of Saudi Arabia to get this strong message, or else the damage will be even greater for Riyadh," Iran Press reported.

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He went on to say that the change of stance of UAE and Saudi Arabia vis-a-vis stopping the Yemen war is crystal clear, though it hasn't been announced. He added: "It is the United States and the Israeli regime who are throwing hurdles in the way and don't want the war to end."

"Yemen will not be the back yard of any country," Al-Bakhit emphasized.

Oman, a Persian Gulf Arab country that borders both Yemen and Saudi Arabia, has suggested playing the role of a mediator between Sanaa and Riyadh.

On the other hand, the Saudi-led coalition spokesperson, Turki Al-Maliki has said the alliance has decided to set free 200 Yemeni prisoners in line with the implementation of the Stockholm Peace Agreement.   101/211/207

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